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Testimonials / What People Say

  • "Don’t lose your innocence, your naiveté and always watch and make films with passion. I envy you for this opportunity you have to learn and earn a certificate in 2 years while it took me 20 long years to achieve it on my own."
    Padmashree Kamal Hassan, Actor & Director
  • “Modern Indian Cinema is undoubtedly going to dominate the world of entertainment in the coming years. This means preparing the new generation with out-of-the-box ideas and synthesizing it with new technological inputs. The Prasad Academy students seem very comfortable on both these fronts and I wish them all the best.”
    A.V.M. Saravanan, AVM Productions, Chennai
  • I am impressed that L V Prasad Film & TV Academy has successfully completed 7 years. I am sure this batch of filmmakers will make films with sensitivity which is the need of the hour in Indian Cinema.
    Prakash Raj,Actor, Film Maker
  • “The Prasad Group has always been innovative and leading when it comes to development of the film industry. When I had an opportunity to interact with the students of Prasad Academy, their enthusiasm and knowledge was extraordinarily high. I am sure that by producing such intelligent and informed students every year, our film industry will go a long way. I once again appreciate the way the Prasad Academy works and educates the future of Cinema.”
    Abirami Ramanathan, Managing Director - Abirami Theaters, Chennai

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8 Nov

Digital Film Making

Digital Film Making - Short Term Course commences at Thiruvananthapuram.