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2005 - 2007

S.Ramesh Kumar - DoP, Worked in “Yaamirukka Bayame” and Ram Gopal Varma’s “Killing Veerappan”

K.R.Imran Ahmedh - DoP - Tamil feature film “Ammani”, Directing Animation, Corporate AV, TVCs

Anirban Lahiri - Working as Cinematographer in Mumbai & Teaching Cinematography at Digital Film Academy, Mumbai

Devdarshi Nayak - Worked as Assistant Cinematographer for 4- 5 years in Mumbai. Currently working as faculty (Cinematography) in KIIT – Bhubaneshwar

R.Premnath - Worked as Associate Direcor in the Bilingual “Irudhi Suttru / Saala Khadoos”.

H.Yugaraj - Worked with well known Cinematographers Sunny Joseph, Prem Kumar, Bharani, Shammi as an Associate. Currently finished shooting a Tamil feature film “Oru Modhal, Oru Kadhal” by Kirti Kumar

2006 - 2008

Krishnan Vasant - DOP, Worked on Tamil Feature films “Kalyana Samayal Saadham”, “Darling” and “Sarabham”. Expert with 3D Camera Rigs. Worked in Corporate and Ad films.

Abhyuday Khaitan - Worked with Cinematographer Ranjan Palit. Independently directed a National Award winning short film “The shop that sold everything” which received International Acclaim.

Ankit Trivedi - Worked with Cinematographers Sunny Joseph, Binod Pradhan & Gargeyi on feature films. Currently working on independent music videos, promos, documentaries etc in Mumbai.

B.Deepak - Worked as associate with well known DOP’s like Siddharth and Fowziya. Shot an independent feature “Aachariyangal”. Shot the ad series for “Mustafa Gold”, “SD Homes”

2007 - 2009

R.Abhinandhan - DoP, Diploma Film “Postman” received National Award for Best Student film. DOP for Malayalam Features “Amen” “Double Barrel”. Shot a couple of Feature Films earlier and worked with Manoj Paramhansa & Bejoy Nambiar on MTV Promos.

Sivaram Kumar.V - Assistant Cinematographer with Cinematographer Thiru. Also shooting ads and Corporate Videos

Tanveer Mohi-ud-din - Diploma Film was at the competitive section at the Camerimage festival in Poland. Assisting Cinematographer P.C.Sreeram.

Rakesh Ramakrishnan - Associate with eminent Cinematographer Venu

2008 - 2010

Arun Gopalan - Worked with Cinematographer C.K Muraleedharan . Currently working on Independent projects shooting Documentaries and Corporate Videos in Pune

Karm Chawla - DoP, Student Diploma Film “Kal” which was selected for Cannes Film Festival. Worked with eminent Cinematographer Bobby Singh for a couple of years. DoP for the Kannada feature film "Ulidavaru Kandanthe"

V.S.Rajesh - Worked on a feature film with Cinematographer Sunny Joseph. Currently working with Cinematographer Satya on other feature films

Sudip Pathak - Shooting TV Programmes in Kolkata. Also teaching Cinematography at Media Institutes, Kolkata

V.Vignesh - Working with Aravind Krishna on Feature films and on Star TV Series “Dharmayuddham”. Also independently shooting Ads, & Corporate Videos

2009 - 2011

Advaitha .G - Diploma Film “Indiyam” won the Fuji Indradhanush competition and screening at Camerimage Film Festival in Poland. Worked with Madhu Ambat on various films. Went to LA for a 3D workshop sponsored by Panasonic. Currently an independent Cinematographer shooting short films, Ads & Corporate Videos

Lenzyel Antao - Working in Goa as an independent Cinematographer for documentaries & corporate videos. His 3D student film was adjudged the best student film in 3D sponsored by Panasonic

Santosh Bhoopalan - Worked as assistant Cinematographer with Ayanakh Bose . Currently working as Associate Cinematographer in a Tamil film

Tamal Kanti Paul - Student film “ Nirgun” won a top award at Dakino Festival Romania. Assistant to Barun Mukherjee, Satya, Shanu Verghese & Binendra Menon.

Yethi Premchand - Working as Associate Cinematographer with Sehnad Jelal, Pratapan & Jomon in Malayalam Film Industry


Jemin Jom - DoP, Malayalam features “Yakshi -Faithfully Yours”, "Njaan Samvidhanam Cheyyum" and "32aam Adhyayam 23aam Vaakyam". Finished shooting a Tamil Feature “Kathai Solla Porom".

Sakthivel.M - His film “Nayigal Jaghirdhai” was selected at Camerimage film festival, Poland. Worked with Cinematographer Richard Nathan of “KO” Fame. Currently working with Gopi Amarnath

Sooraj.S - Assistant Cinematographer with Cinematographer Rajan, worked on two feature films recently.

Karthik.M - Gold Medalist from Prasad Academy. Won the best cinematography award for his Diploma film “Skylab is Falling” at National Student”s film festival held at FTII 2013. Worked with Santosh Sivan, assisted Preeta on a feature film.


Aditya Kumar Javvadi - Working on his first independent feature film

Juhi Sharma - Wedding filming with Kairos films

Meera Mariam Yesudasan - Assistant to PC Sreeram

Pavel N.N. - Independently working on corporate films, AD films and documentaries, worked in the feature film ‘Bangalore Naatkal’

Pradeep Kumar R - DOP for a short film ‘Catalist’

Shivaram P.K. - Independently working on corporate films, AD films and documentaries


Abhishek Bhargava – Working as Cinematographer at Sikana

Siddharth Rajesh Dugha – Working at Gozoop


Bahul Ramesh – Worked as Cinematographer for “O.P.160/18 Kakshi: Amminippilla”

Meghana Basavaraju – Working at CNN – News18

Prabhudutta Mohanty - Working as Cinematographer at PowerDrift

Sundarram Arjun – Founder at Woolwork Films


Jai Kamal T – Working as Cinematographer at Mideye Studio.