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Graduates of LVPA programs:

  • Examine cinema from an aesthetic, historical, cultural and narrative perspectives and use this knowledge in creating their individual works.
  • Demonstrate aesthetic, conceptual and technical proficiency throughout the production process.
  • Conduct themselves in a collaborative and professional manner.

  • Curriculum

    LVPA (Chennai) programs of study follow the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) prescribed by the University Grants Commission for higher education. CBCS provides students the opportunity to select from a list of core, elective and foundation courses within an individual program of study. This method of education provides flexibility for students in learning, allowing then to choose courses depending upon their interests and requirements. CBCS also allows students to choose interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary and skill-based courses for their skill development. In addition to content knowledge, students’ analytical and creative skills are also assessed by an in-built evaluation system.

    Note: At present, the 1-year Digital Filmmaking Diploma Programs in Thiruvananthapuram and Bengaluru do not follow the CBCS structure.


    The academic year is divided into two semesters – first (odd) and second (even) semesters.

    • First semester spans approximately 20 weeks, from the mid-July to mid-December.
    • Second semester spans approximately 20 weeks, from mid-January to the mid-June.

    Students receive a combination of theory and practicals/exercises as well as dedicated time for feedback sessions, during and at the end of the semester. Students receive detailed feedback on each exercise, jointly as well as in smaller sessions. Some courses may have end-of-semester assessments in the form of group presentations, written exams, viva voce, etc.

    Credit Requirements (PG Diploma Programs, Chennai)

    • 2-year post-graduate diploma courses: 50 credits minimum
    • 1 credit= 1 lecture hours/week, 3 credit=3 lecture hours/week
    • Students are required to take a specific number of credits at the end of two years/one year (mentioned above). Only on acquiring the required number of credits will the student be awarded the diploma. A student may choose to take more than the required number of credits depending on his/her interest.
    • CBCS provides the opportunity to learn core subjects as well as explore additional subjects. As implemented at LVPA, CBCS will provide our students a well-rounded education.

    Types of Courses

    1. Core Courses are compulsory for students in a specific specialization.

    2. Elective Courses are optional and may be very specific or specialized or advanced or supportive to the discipline/ specialization or which provide an extended scope or which enable an exposure to some other discipline/subject/specialization or nurture the student’s proficiency/skill.

    3. Foundation courses are provided during the first semester and are common to all students irrespective of specialization.

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