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One Year Diploma in Screen Acting
(Chennai Campus)

“Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” - Sanford Meisner

The one-year Screen Acting diploma at LVPA focuses on acting for the screen in front of the camera. In addition to coursework in acting technique, you will enroll in fundamental film classes such as film language and film history to enhance your understanding of acting for the screen. You will also work on actual film projects with student directors and crews.


    1. The four I s - Intuition, Impulsiveness, Imagination and Instincts 2. Responding to Stimuli 3. Speak without thinking - honesty of action 4. Intents and objectives 5. Justifications 6. Independent activity exercises 7. Criminal action exercises 8. Emotional preparation 9. Monologues 10.Sharing the space 11.Scene work


    1. Body adjustment 2. Ornamentation 3. Physical states 4. Essence of the character 5. Actions and super objectives 6. Nursery rhymes 7. Poetry 8. Acting for the camera 10.Scene work 11.Script analysis 12.Physical embodiment 13.Contact Improv 14.Movement


  • Understand and practise the differences between stage and screen acting
  • Demonstrate practical knowledge of ‘script to character’ techniques
  • Describe the nuances of physical, emotional and intellectual elements necessary for the screen
  • Demonstrate an understanding of film language
  • Perform according to director’s guidance
  • Deliver credible cinematic performances
  • Demonstrate casting and audition etiquette

  • 2 projects in Sem I
  • 2 projects (including the diploma) in Sem II
  • Contact 88701 48484 for information
    FEES FOR DIPLOMA IN SCREEN ACTING (Eligibility: Pass in plus two school examination or equivalent)
    • For the year
      • Rupees Two Lakhs Fifty Thousand only (Rs. 2,50,000)
        Caution deposit: Rs.25,000 + Alumni Association: Rs.1000
    • Fees mentioned above includes the entire production cost of the student's final diploma project.
    • Taxes will be payable extra as per applicable rates on all above mentioned Fees.
    • Please note that fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.