Six Months Certificate Courses

at Bengaluru & Thiruvananthapuram (Batch starts on 17th January 2020)

Acting for Cinema

We train the students in the fundamentals of acting, provide hands-on experience performing on camera for class excercises and student film projects.


The beauty of movies lies in their ability to visually capture the world in unique and striking ways. Students will get trained in the art and craft of Cinematography preparing them for entry level roles.


Editing is not just learning software, it is an Art and a Craft. Students get practically trained in the concept, principles and aesthetic aspects of Editing.


Sound is the key element of any film. Students are trained in the professional aspects of sound recording, design and mixing preparing them for entry level roles.

Full Time Courses

at Chennai, Bengaluru & Thiruvananthapuram (Starting August 2020)


Students get trained in the visualization process of Cinema and Television.


Students will get trained in the art and craft of Cinematography from a real world perspective.

Editing & Sound Design

Editing and Sound Design is not just learning software. Students get practically trained in the concept, principles and advanced aspects of Editing and Sound as it happens in the Industry. They are trained in all professional aspects including 5.1 & Atmos Mixing, Editing & Sound Software, DI, Mastering and Music Production.

Digital Filmmaking

Students will get trained in the fundamentals of visual storytelling: cinematography, directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing.

For Admission & Enquiry contact
Ms.Kumutha | Email: enquiry@prasadacademy.com | Mobile : +91 8870148484

Diploma Films

About Us

I did not have many opportunities to study and learn the technical aspects of film making

L.V. Prasad Film & TV Academy is part of Prasad Group, Asia’s largest provider of post-production services. The group has been at the forefront of technological developments, a trendsetter and a guiding light to the Indian postproduction industry.
Prasad Group includes Prasad Productions Pvt. Ltd., Prasad Digital Film Laboratories, Prasad Corporation Pvt Ltd (EFX), Digital Film Technology GmbH, Prasad Media Corporation Ltd., Prasad Recording Studios, Prasad Panavision, Prasad Extreme Digital Cinema .....

Alumni Spread their wings

At L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy our relationship with the students is lifelong. Our relationship continues forever in terms of knowledge sharing, working on projects, consultations, as guesy faculty and more.

Why L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy?

Padmashree.Kamal Hassan

Don’t lose your innocence, your naiveté and always watch and make films with passion. I envy you for this opportunity you have to learn and earn a certificate in 2 years while it took me 20 long years to achieve it on my own.

Prakash raj, Actor/Director

I am impressed that L V Prasad Film & TV Academy has successfully completed 7 years. I am sure this batch of filmmakers will make films with sensitivity which is the need of the hour in Indian Cinema.


Like professionals in the field of medicine, engineering and information technology, cinematographers too need formal education and training in a University / Academic Institution for a strong foundation and to scale new heights in their chosen field. LV Prasad Film & TV Academy is one such Center of Excellence where young aspirants can benefit.

Mani Ratnam, Director & Producer

I sometimes wish I could have also gone to a film school like all you fortunate ones.

Vishal Bharadwaj, Film Maker

Since I never had the opportunity to educate myself in a formal manner in film making, I envy you! So please make sure that you keep the flag flying high with your films.

S.S.RAJAMOULI, Film Director

What the industry needs more than talent is the confidence... be truthful to yourself

Anurag Kashyap, Film Director

I know how good this institute is because I have never heard students cheer for their teachers so much! I know they are going to create a lot of filmmakers here.

Hansal Mehta, Film Director

It is so wonderful to see so much enthusiasm, so much spirit and all I can say is keep this spirit up!

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The Academy as part of its Social Responsibility initiatives has been providing free Outreach Programs and Industrial Visit opportunities to colleges across India. Contact Us to benefit out of this program.