Screen Acting

L V Prasad College of Media Studies, Bengaluru Introducing you all

to the upcoming Screen Acting course


1 Hour


This webinar is specially designed for anyone who wants to try a career in acting for Cinema and Television and for those who want to sharpen their skill in acting.


Sat, 4th March 2023


4:30pm to 5:30pm

Limited seats apply early.



Course Description:

Have you ever wondered what is it like to act. To live in a space and time that is watched by people as a source of entertainment, and not just entertainment but also as a source that would allow people to reconnect with ourselves and be able to reflect. Does it sound paradoxical. Well, that is the essence of this art called acting.
In what ways is this calling to acting approaching you. How strong is its pull? What is the world of acting like? what is this course like? What is in there for you to learn and grasp, so that when that camera rolls for you, you know what must be there.
I will be there to answer such questions regarding the acting course and screen acting. If there is no question, do come join us and say a hello!


Disclaimer : The above course will be conducted subject to minimum enrollment of 5 students per batch. The Academy reserves the right to Postpone/Cancel, the Course / Batch without assigning any reason.

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