L V Prasad College of Media Studies

6-Month Acting for Screen Course.

New batch starts in May 2024*


    Film Acting

    Actors are the heart and soul of a film. They are responsible for bringing characters to life, infusing them with depth, emotions, and authenticity. In essence, actors are the vessels through which narratives come to life, making them a vital component of the entertainment industry. Their skill, dedication, and ability to transform into various characters are key to the success of any production.

    In this holistic course, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various facets of acting. Our curriculum covers an array of acting techniques, including Meisner, Stanislavski, and Method acting, allowing you to develop a comprehensive toolkit. We also integrate elements of Indian performance traditions, adding a unique dimension to your training. You will also learn the importance of physical and mental well-being to endure the demands of long shoot hours, ensuring you are prepared for the challenges of the industry. To be a professional-grade actor, you must grasp the intricacies of acting beyond mere dialogue delivery and access the subtext within those dialogues. This course also teaches you how to think, as an actor.

    At LVPCMS, we’re committed to nurturing the actor within you. Our course is designed to empower you, cultivate your talents, and prepare you for the opportunities that await in the world of screen acting. By the end of this 6-month journey, you will emerge as a professional-grade actor, ready to audition and face the camera with confidence. You will have the skills, knowledge, and experience to carve a unique path for yourself in the world of screen acting.

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